Learning as an Adult: Students Learn How to Learn

Adult students quickly learn the “real” value of continuing education. Of course, school provides them with factual knowledge they might not otherwise acquire, but adults tend to forget most of the facts they master in school. The “real” value of education comes from learning how to learn – thus through courses for learning as an adult. Although most disadvantaged adults dread returning to school, mainly because they fear embarrassment and alienation, they quickly discover learning as an adult differs dramatically from their childhood experience in school. Because adults bring more background knowledge and language skill to their classrooms, learning as an adult is easier than most students expect. Background knowledge eases learning as an adult because adults connect new skills with those they already have. Adults connect their knowledge in ways that children cannot. Adults typically have ten times greater vocabularies than children, which allows them to comprehend and retain new information easier. Learning as an adult through the ABET training programs is fun.
Changing Lives Together