Teaching Basic Literacy

Proceeds from the opening concert for the FIFA soccer world cup went to opening literacy centres across South Africa and the continent. The high level of illiterate Africans was highlighted during the build-up to the world cup and it was decided that education was one of the best charities to support. These learning centres will … Read more

Value added ABET

A company that offers accelerated education and training courses to adult learners may also offer other value-added courses. Your work force can benefit greatly from an HIV/AIDS awareness course regarding the prevention and treatment of the disease. The employee can also learn about financial life skills that will better enable him or her to deal … Read more

How much will it cost the company to enrol employees in one of the ABET courses?

Costs vary according to the number of employees enrolled in the ABET courses, the levels they attend, the duration of the classes, location, and additional courses taken or presented including project management, steel work, life skills management, and time management etc. We tailor the packages around the client requirements whether for African language courses, literacy, … Read more

Learning African languages the easy way

When you think about learning African languages, you may already feel it not possible because of previous experiences at school. Triple e however, makes learning African languages easy not only for you, but all your employees as well. To ensure that English or Afrikaans speaking employees can understand and communicate with their colleagues speaking Zulu, … Read more

Adult teaching through ABET courses

Adult teaching differs from teaching children or even full time students. There is less time and the learners want to see results quickly. It is however, also important to note that once a person enrols out of free will, the learner is generally more positive and eager to learn. As such we encourage employers to … Read more

Why it is important to motivate employees to learn

If an employee doesn’t understand why it is needed to take additional classes or why he or she should for instance, take mathematics classes, attend an HIV awareness program, learn an African language or develop English communication skills, the worker will not be positive. This is dangerous because a reluctant learner may not attend classes, … Read more

African language courses

Once the manager or supervisor understands the language of the workers and is able to effectively communicate in their language, fewer mistakes and misunderstanding follow. Triple e also provides African language courses to help managers communicate in Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, and Xhosa. A Xhosa manager for instance, will have difficulty to build trust, establish good … Read more

Learning as an Adult: Students Learn How to Learn

Adult students quickly learn the “real” value of continuing education. Of course, school provides them with factual knowledge they might not otherwise acquire, but adults tend to forget most of the facts they master in school. The “real” value of education comes from learning how to learn – thus through courses for learning as an … Read more

African language courses for beginners

Although online and CD based training exist to help people learn foreign languages, few people have the time, discipline, and will to complete the self study training. Triple-e provides African language courses for beginners at the client’s premises and at scheduled times that suit the client company and its employees. The short African language courses … Read more

Changing Lives Together