ABET for rural areas

ABET has grown from the goals of church groups, communities and schools to develop Adult Basic Education and Training programs to address the illiteracy and lack of essential numeracy as well as life skills which plague the South African economy. Many of the persons needing ABET are older women in rural areas. The women are informed and have skills to share, but their lack of literacy hinders their ability to contribute to society. Through ABET programs, the women can be taught essential skills which they can apply in community projects such as AIDS awareness programs and at charity organizations where they can help to uplift the poor citizens of the country. Companies often look at areas where they can contribute regarding social responsibility. By enrolling employees and helping to facilitate ABET programs also at rural areas, companies will be give an enormous gift back to society and their workforce. Contact us to enroll or sponsor enrollment of people in one of our ABET programs.
Changing Lives Together