ABET means a new outlook

The South African constitution frames several rights that cannot be denied to any South Africa, perhaps one of the most important of these rights is the right to an education. Without an education one is relegated to the fringes of society and doomed to a life of menial labour. Unfortunately this right has only been … Read more

Training is key

Education is enshrined in the South African constitution as a basic human right. Unfortunately this was not always so. Under the Apartheid educational system only a select few were provided a world class education and even this was skewed by the propaganda requirements of the government. However those who were not amongst the privileged few … Read more

ABET program’s good for business

Adult Basic Education and Training is essential to remedy the legacy of the Apartheid educational system When correctly applied it enables learners to grasp the fundamental of both literacy and numeracy. If the learner progresses from ABT level 1 to ABET level 4 they should have the skills of a grade 12 learner and be … Read more

ABET for rural areas

ABET has grown from the goals of church groups, communities and schools to develop Adult Basic Education and Training programs to address the illiteracy and lack of essential numeracy as well as life skills which plague the South African economy. Many of the persons needing ABET are older women in rural areas. The women are … Read more

FAQ about ABET training levels – Cost

Cost is always a concern and understandably so because life is expensive and people have limited budgets. The cost for ABET training levels differ according to the specific level, subjects, place, books and more. The average cost for the completion of one of the ABET training levels ranges from R1400 to R1800 a learner. This … Read more

FAQ about adult basic education – ABET classes

ABET classes are held at the premises most convenient to the learners and onsite at the company sponsoring the learning. Once you enrol or enrol your employees in ABET classes we will discuss the location most convenient to the learners in the program. The ABET classes are held Mondays to Sundays according to our client … Read more

Changing Lives Together