What is a Portfolio of Evidence as part of ABET programs?

Once a learner completes a level of one of the ABET programs he or she can write an exam. The second option for qualification purposes regarding ABET programs is to submit a Portfolio of Evidence which is also called the POE. Whereas the exam is a once off testing of a learner’s skills and proficiency of the specific outcomes of the ABET programs, the POE makes it possible to assess the learner’s proficiency over the whole period. Whereas the exam cannot test the learner’s competency for each area of the attended ABET programs and leads to either a fail or pass based on one assessment, the POE allows for assessment of the learner against every outcome for that specific level. The learner will thus have to provide evidence for each outcome of his or her understanding to pass a level. The facilitator should assist the learner to become competent for each of the outcomes in one of the levels of the specific ABET programs.
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