ABET Success Story: PPC Port Elizabeth – Ikhwezi ABET Programme

The ABET success story of PPC shows how effective our training programmes are. PPC Cement, like many other major South African companies, recognized that lack of English-language proficiency among its temporary workers not only took a toll on their productivity and morale but also impeded their advancement to full-time permanent employment. PPC Cement recognized an urgent need for developing literacy skills among disadvantaged members of its community, and it took initiative to remedy the problem. Meeting its own need to recruit and retain skilled workers and the community’s need to lift disadvantaged families out of despair, PPC opened its Ikhwezi ABET classes to local residents. Part of the ABET success story lies in the commitment of the company to be involved in the advancement of their community and worker’s education. PPC Cement invited community learners to volunteer for its Ikhwezi Programme. Demonstrating its commitment to the programme, PPC Cement covered the full cost of tuition and instructional materials for the Learners. Between October 2007, and September 2008, 49 dedicated Learners completed a total of 102 ABET levels, receiving official certification of their qualification.
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