Learners need basic reading skills

Government, in conjunction with the department of education, SETA’s and other educational institutions is continually rolling out projects and programmes to improve the high rate of illiteracy on South Africa. The projects are mainly aimed at the adult population group who do not have the most basic reading skills. This is largely due to the … Read more

Past educational system bias has let learners down

The educational system in South Africa has in the past been extremely biased towards white South African’s. Other ethnic groups were regarded by the Apartheid government and fit for nothing more than manual labour, primarily in South Africa’s mining industry or as domestic servants. The legacy of this racist approach has left many older South … Read more

ABET learner programs

Learners normally want to know how long it will take them to complete and pass one of the ABET learner programs. It depends on the levels taken, how many hours a week the learner attends one of the ABET learner programs, and the pace at which the learner works. The more hours invested, and the … Read more

What is an ABET training quality assuror?

Umalusi is an example of an ABET training quality assuror. The purpose of an ABET training quality assuror is to oversee the training provided by companies and institutions. The ABET training quality assuror will set standards for adult education and how the courses should be presented. This protects learners against fly by night companies and … Read more

Basics of the ABET education

The ABET education is presented at the employer’s premises or a location selected by the employer that will be most convenient for the attendees. Once the employees are enrolled in the ABET education programs the location most convenient for the learners can be selected. The ABET education classes are presented any day or days of … Read more

Previous exposure to education must be kept in mind when structuring adult education programs

Although it may seem straight forward, not all adult education programs take the previous exposure to education into consideration and thus either begin at a too low level or a too advance level for some of the learners. This means that you will get frustrated learners in your class. Some will be frustrated because they … Read more

What sets our adult learning programs apart from the rest?

Our adult learning programs are a notch above the rest because we tackle obstacles to adult learning head on. We for instance, schedule the adult learning programs at the workplace, making it possible for the workers to attend without having to take additional transport to get to the place of learning. We also schedule the … Read more

Adult teaching through ABET courses

Adult teaching differs from teaching children or even full time students. There is less time and the learners want to see results quickly. It is however, also important to note that once a person enrols out of free will, the learner is generally more positive and eager to learn. As such we encourage employers to … Read more

ABET Success Story: PPC Port Elizabeth – Ikhwezi ABET Programme

The ABET success story of PPC shows how effective our training programmes are. PPC Cement, like many other major South African companies, recognized that lack of English-language proficiency among its temporary workers not only took a toll on their productivity and morale but also impeded their advancement to full-time permanent employment. PPC Cement recognized an … Read more

Triple e Training: Exemplary Service since 1991

Triple e Training, dedicated to disadvantaged students’ empowerment, numbers among South Africa’s oldest, most respected, and largest providers of Adult Basic Educational Training. Triple e collaborates with business and industry, designing and developing work-based, results-oriented programs of instruction and experiential learning. Triple e emphasizes responsiveness to each community’s unique needs and expectations, and the company … Read more

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