Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community

a Prize giving took place on 5 November 2013 in Plettenberg Bay. This is a community project running since 2007, Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community including semi literate, illiterate, adult unemployed, members of the community. This is a joined force between Komatsu S.A, DenRon and Triple e Training. All three partners played an active role since inception of this project and have been successfully sustained up to today. Statement of Results was issued to learners that have completed various learning areas such as Communication in English, Mathematical Numeracy and Introduction to Computers skills on various levels. 1935 Statements of Results were issued on Abet Training, since inception of the project to date. We also had Jeff Verschuren and Saskia Kruger – from PC’s for Africa in Rotterdam present at the function, which sponsored the computers for the centre. The learners entertained the audience with a choir singing and dancing. We sadly had to greet Mr Rajen Govender, GM at Komatsu S.A. Rajen will be leaving Komatsu S.A in December 2013. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours’. A huge thank you to Komatsu S.A, DenRon and our partners involved in this community project. Making a difference each day through education, enrichment and empowering our Community. Magda van der Merwe
Changing Lives Together