Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community

a Prize giving took place on 5 November 2013 in Plettenberg Bay. This is a community project running since 2007, Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community including semi literate, illiterate, adult unemployed, members of the community. This is a joined force between Komatsu S.A, DenRon and Triple e Training. All three … Read more

The ins and outs of ABET

There are many government training centres across the country that offer Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET). This programme is designed to take an uneducated person from grade one right through to matric at an accelerated rate. So whether you are a person who never learned to read or write or somebody that just needs … Read more

ABET learning materials

Education on NQF1 level requires specific books and ABET learning materials. Triple e ensures that course attendees will have access to the appropriate ABET learning materials, structured specifically for the NQF1 level. The ABET learning materials for this level include workbooks, facilitation and portfolio building. ABET learning materials are available for all the levels right … Read more

Empower people through math training

The world faces an economic crisis and South Africa is not isolated from it. As such we need to empower people through math training. The math training will help the workers to get better qualifications, helping them to find other work should retrenchments follow. Apart from pro-actively taking care of the future for your workforce, … Read more

Maths training ensures a bright future

Bad experiences in the past may very well limit people’s willingness to go for maths training. Triple e understands that the worker may not have understood the maths teaching at school level and thus blocked out any possibility of learning essential mathematics skills as an adult. We break down the blockages by providing maths training … Read more

Adult mathematics classes

The Triple e adult mathematics classes are well accepted and loved by course attendees because we have unique way of presenting knowledge which makes the subject understandable, fun, and applicable to the workplace. Our adult mathematics classes are presented on the level of the attendee and as such pre assessments are done to ensure that … Read more

Learning materials development

Triple e recognizes the importance of the correct learning materials for every stage of learning. As such the ABET learning materials used ensure that every level is appropriately addressed. Although most of the ABET learning materials are written in English, the employees or learners are also taught the required English skills to ensure that they … Read more

Practical Maths training for the workplace

When thinking of practical Maths training for the workplace you immediately think about Mathematical literacy. Although true in the sense that we do provide Mathematical literacy training from the most basic level to the highest NQF level, it in fact means – training employees from the level that they are comfortable with and building on … Read more

Well Beyond the Basics: Business Skills Development

The further they advance through the adult curriculum, the more students recognize how their skills connect and transfer. They also recognize how skills and knowledge are cumulative, laying foundations for and building upon one another. All of their adult education curricula could qualify as “business skills development,” because students’ acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills … Read more

Every Profession Demands Advanced Math Skills

No profession or academic discipline can develop and thrive without mathematics. Not even sophisticated study of literature and philosophy can advance without advanced math skills. Creating a Shakespearean sonnet, a poet embeds mathematical formulae in language, developing cadence, rhythm and meaning. Logical reasoning, the backbone of philosophy, derives from principles of geometric proof. Similarly, the … Read more