Obtain Vital Social and Communication Skills via Community Education

We offer education for individuals and company groups in their communities to provide you with the learning and social development to help you tackle certain issues using joint action and community based learning. Community education for adult largely focuses on improving language and communication skills. We therefore offer training in various languages including Zulu, Afrikaans, English, Tswana, North and South Sotho and Xhosa. The basic conversational skills needed within the South Africa and international business circles as well as everyday life and are an essential part of community education. There are three study units within this course which includes subjects like greeting someone, asking them about their health or family life and, understanding currency and transportation systems and knowing you way around your workplace. Community education isn’t an option when it come to sufficient communication skill, so for more information about what TRIPLE E HOLDINGS has to offer you with our ABET courses feel free to contact us.
Changing Lives Together