ABET healing social ills

The idea that reading, writing and arithmetic are the foundations of any educational system have been around for centuries. Without these foundations further education is impossible. In fact a lack of these skills will prevent the individual from reaching their true potential. If a country is largely illiterate it will be stuck in the third … Read more

Pro-Active Business Training

Pro-active business training is very popular amongst small and medium sized companies who want to optimize their functionality and improve the social and business skills of each employee. The fact that some adults lack the corporate ‘know how’ as the times change and technology advances is a growing problem in this industry. We offer four … Read more

Obtain Vital Social and Communication Skills via Community Education

We offer education for individuals and company groups in their communities to provide you with the learning and social development to help you tackle certain issues using joint action and community based learning. Community education for adult largely focuses on improving language and communication skills. We therefore offer training in various languages including Zulu, Afrikaans, … Read more

Changing Lives Together