ABET Training

ABET Training For Those Who Want To Better Themselves ABET or Adult Basic Education and Training as it stands for certainly has its place in our society. Too many individuals are victims of their past circumstance or bad decisions in their lives and as a result are uneducated and unable to obtain a job where … Read more

ABET and true potential

ABET training is today not a nice to have, it’s both a business and social imperative. Business in close cooperation with government has realised that a workforce conversant in even the basics of reading and writing is far more productive than an illiterate one and if South Africa is to complete in the global marketplace … Read more

Employee training is good for the business

ABET level 4 learners will be introduced to such advanced concepts as rational and irrational numbers, algebra and financial applications and is the equivalent of grade 12. At this level the learner is able to comprehend concepts that will allow him or her to contribute in a more meaningful manner in both the business sphere … Read more

The Outcome of Life Orientation

Outcome-based education forms the basic fundamentals for any curriculum, but South Africa has especially realized the need for such an approach for all learners. Once the students know what to aspire to they enable themselves to push harder and reach their maximum abilities. Life orientation is an integral part of education that helps learners develop … Read more

What is Employee Development and why is it so Important?

The basic definition of employee development is the on-going effort between the employee and the organization they work for to upgrade and improve the employee’s knowledge, social and business skills and their unique abilities. For this to have a successful result it requires a balance between the needs and goals of an employee’s career and … Read more

Obtain Vital Social and Communication Skills via Community Education

We offer education for individuals and company groups in their communities to provide you with the learning and social development to help you tackle certain issues using joint action and community based learning. Community education for adult largely focuses on improving language and communication skills. We therefore offer training in various languages including Zulu, Afrikaans, … Read more

ABET Literacy Training changes lives – at any age

ABET Literacy Training changes lives – at any age, existing research about the impact of literacy on five areas in a person’s life: economic well-being, aspirations, family life, health and civic/cultural engagement. There is overwhelming evidence that literacy has a significant relationship with a person’s happiness and success. The aim of literacy training for adults … Read more

Western Cape ABET training

Triple e also provides Western Cape ABET training programs. Many of the Western Cape ABET training programs are run in community centres and have already helped people gain English literacy, Mathematical literacy, Life Orientation, Industry specific skills, and skills in areas such as project management. The Western Cape ABET training programs run in communities fall … Read more

ABET Training

ABET training, a comprehensive curriculum of adult education and training, promotes disadvantaged South Africans’ advancement in their careers and their contribution to the nation’s development. Building learners’ literacy and numeracy and keeping instruction relevant to their day-to-day work and commerce, ABET training promotes worker’s efficiency, motivation, and pride of ownership in their work. ABET training … Read more

Why is ABET important?

ABET stands for Adult Basic Education & Training and is a government and industry driven initiative to promote a higher level of education for adults in the country. The ABET program has strict regulations regarding qualifications, method of instruction, materials used, outcomes and thus the overall improvement of all skills that can be recognized on … Read more

Changing Lives Together