ABET Literacy Training changes lives – at any age

ABET Literacy Training changes lives – at any age, existing research about the impact of literacy on five areas in a person’s life: economic well-being, aspirations, family life, health and civic/cultural engagement. There is overwhelming evidence that literacy has a significant relationship with a person’s happiness and success. The aim of literacy training for adults is to teach them how to read, write, understand and most importantly communicate in a language that they are either not familiar with or just haven’t had the opportunity to properly study at one or other stage in their lives. The purpose is to obtain all these skills in a shorter period that you would have had to endure at school, and this is all very possible with our 4 level ABET literacy training course. Communication is one of the most important social factors in the world, too many misunderstandings with historical and disastrous consequences have occurred merely because of a lack of communication or some misinterpretation. Literacy training is crucial for any adult who lack these basic skills, so to find out more about our ABET level and how you and therefore your company can benefit from it, contact us now.
Changing Lives Together