Life skills training

Life skills’ training involves teaching a person how to function properly in their communities as well as society at large. These skills include being able to communicate within any environment. The training teaches them how to complete documents so that they are able to open bank accounts and have access to other institutions. It shows … Read more

The ins and outs of ABET

There are many government training centres across the country that offer Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET). This programme is designed to take an uneducated person from grade one right through to matric at an accelerated rate. So whether you are a person who never learned to read or write or somebody that just needs … Read more

ABET and life skills

By setting aside a portion of profit for Adult basic education and training programs business has quickly reaped the benefits of a more educated workforce. By enrolling illiterate employees in ABET level 1 programs illiteracy is being addressed on a daily basis. Employees are also committed to training staff in life skills so that they … Read more

ABET Literacy Training changes lives – at any age

ABET Literacy Training changes lives – at any age, existing research about the impact of literacy on five areas in a person’s life: economic well-being, aspirations, family life, health and civic/cultural engagement. There is overwhelming evidence that literacy has a significant relationship with a person’s happiness and success. The aim of literacy training for adults … Read more

Essential Leadership Training

All members of a company should occupy some level of leadership qualities, whether you have the leadership position as CEO or director and therefore need to delegate all members of staff or whether you’re a secretary with few leadership responsibilities you still have to be able to take a stand and make things happen. Leadership … Read more

Life skills learning as important as literacy

Although our focus is on adult literacy and numeracy we recognize the importance of life skills learning programs. As the society develops and becomes more complex, the focus also changes to become information orientated. As such people need more life skills to be able to survive in the digitized society. Life skills learning will also … Read more

Adult life skills training programs

Although life skills training programs form part of the primary school curriculum, many South African adults never attended primary school or any form of life skills training programs. Life skills training programs at primary school level focus on issues such as HIV/AIDS. Adult life skills training programs can also focus on health, hygiene, HIV/AIDS awareness, … Read more

Financial life skills development

Apart from HIV/AIDS awareness programs, Triple E also provides financial life skills courses to ensure that adults can do more than just count. We ensure that the learners will be able to understand presentation of financial information in graph, table, form and other formats. The financial life skills programs also have as aim to ensure … Read more

What is Life Skills Training and how can your employees benefit?

There are various types of life skills training courses. One of the essential life skills training courses entail AIDS awareness. This includes background on how AIDS is transmitted, what steps to take to prevent transmission, how to handle infection, and where to get help. AIDS is not a problem that can be ignored and with … Read more

What is Life Skills Training?

In general life skills training entails training in all aspects needed to function optimally in society. It can thus focus on academic subjects, understanding how to make a deposit, withdraw money, make an electronic transfer etc. It can also include basic communication skills as well as calculation skills. In addition aspects regarding safety, hygiene, HIV/AIDS … Read more

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