ABET Literacy Training changes lives – at any age

ABET Literacy Training changes lives – at any age, existing research about the impact of literacy on five areas in a person’s life: economic well-being, aspirations, family life, health and civic/cultural engagement. There is overwhelming evidence that literacy has a significant relationship with a person’s happiness and success. The aim of literacy training for adults … Read more

Disadvantaged South Africans Benefit from Literacy Classes

Although many of this country’s disadvantaged adults feel ashamed to admit it; they cannot read or they cannot read proficiently. Many employers complain new employees cannot read their training materials while some have begun offering literacy classes for associates who want to advance. As South Africa becomes more inclusive, its entire people must share the … Read more

Presentation of information for adult literacy classes

It is extremely important that any visual presentation of information for adult literacy classes be in a language understood by the learners. Radio is the least effective method to present adult literacy classes since it is based only on audio stimulation while the most important way for taking information in, that of visually lacks. It … Read more