ABET Training

ABET Training For Those Who Want To Better Themselves ABET or Adult Basic Education and Training as it stands for certainly has its place in our society. Too many individuals are victims of their past circumstance or bad decisions in their lives and as a result are uneducated and unable to obtain a job where they are earning enough income to care for their families. Many companies in South Africa have started investigating ABET training for the benefit of their staff members. ABET courses can involve teaching individuals a variety of skills to ensure that they are able to further themselves in their chosen fields. At Triple E Training we provide various ABET training courses that can be held on your premises or on ours. Some of our tutors are known to even travel to areas where walking and 4×4 transport are the only forms of access. Our dedication to providing a top quality education to those that want and crave it is evident in each and every one of our courses and classes on offer. Choose the Best ABET Training Centre in South Africa ABET in South Africa is something that has been focused on for quite some time. Some companies allow their staff members to attend ABET training courses in order to improve on efficiency and productivity in the work place. This means that both individual and employer benefit from the courses on offer. At Triple E Training we offer basic courses that focus on communication skills, language, basic numeracy, basic reading and even how to read time. Our courses are set out in different levels that focus on the various different competencies of each individual. The type and level of course you or your staff members will complete will depend on their current level of education and their desired educational outcome. Our basic conversational and communication skills class is a popular ABET training course on offer. It focuses on greetings, asking about family health, giving directions and even general geography of South Africa.  It also addresses shopping for clothes, groceries and similar while paying attention to the work place in great detail. The tasks the individual is meant to carry out and the company procedures are taken into account and the course customised to suit the individual or group according to this. You can expect your staff to need approximately 32 hours to complete this course. Each learner is assessed prior to the course to ascertain what his or her competency level is. The course plan is then set in place with this in mind. At Triple E Training we want to make ABET in South Africa more accessible to local businesses and the public. We strongly believe that growth is possible through development and endeavour to ensure that each individual is offered the opportunity to expand on their knowledge, improve on their level of education and better their future. Empower your staff members by providing them with the opportunity to learn more, improve on their skills and work their way up in the work place. Our ABET training courses will take your staff members and business to new heights. Investigate our various courses and classes without delay.
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