Quality ABET for outstanding results

It is the quality of teaching that determines the success of any Adult Basic Education & Training (ABET) or Adult Education & Training (AET) programme. This is exactly why Triple E Training remains the preferred supplier of basic literacy skills and basic numbers skills training for adults in the country.

Triple E Training’s team of skilled and experienced educators know how to guide and assist efficient adult learning for community training and workplace training. The company has also helped many individuals who enrol directly with the company to complete their basic education.

Our approach has ensured a positive outcome for all clients. The fact that businesses continue to partner with Triple E Training as their preferred accredited provider of ABET bears testament to the success of our strong team of experienced and skilled educators.

Our ABET levels product range include the following:

  • Placement Assessments: we assess every participant to determine the level of their reading, writing and math skills. This enables us to tailor the course around their needs so that applicants will receive the most benefit from our training intervention.
  • ABET Awareness Campaigns
  • Individual Reporting
  • Learner Materials
  • Portfolios of Evidence
  • Outsourced ABET Facilitation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Demographic Reporting

A focused approach to quality ABET

Our educators focus on connecting all relevant aspects of adult training to augment content knowledge.

They also ensure that learners have constructive attitudes towards their AET. Importantly, we also help to build confidence in learners so that they can apply the knowledge that they have gained once they have successfully completed their basic literacy and math training.

Triple E Training takes immense pride in the fact that it has taught many adults how to read and write English and to understand basic numeracy over the years.These skills are not only used in the workplace or help to find a stable job; they are necessary to navigate life’s many changes and make informed decisions.

Right from the outset, we focus on creating an environment that is conducive for learning. Our educators build confidence in learners, bearing in mind that many of them may have had very bad experiences in classroom environments in the past. This is one of the reasons why so many South Africans do not complete their basic education and turn to an accredited training provider for assistance in their later years.

By communicating our belief in education with them, learners are also inspired to achieve. No matter how challenging they may find the course, our educators have the skills, experience and traits that are required to impart knowledge to adults with a limited education.

It is important that learners also understand the role that literacy and numeracy skills will play in improving their circumstances before they start their training. For the many unemployed people who participate in our programmes, being able to take part in the economy is a significant enough motivation for them to complete their training. Those people who participate in our workplace training interventions want to further their careers to improve their earning potential and an opportunity to take on more responsibility for greater work satisfaction and job security.

However, we are very encouraged when individuals who take part in our training programmes also gain a new found passion for learning and want to study further. Nurturing a joy for education is our main goal and should define the success of any AET programme.

Hundreds of facilitators give South Africans hope

We have more than 400 facilitators throughout South Africa and our team is expanding monthly. Our innovative approach to Recruitment and Enterprise Development enables us to practically set up anywhere in the country, including very remote areas. Our mission includes integrating education and training into learners’ socio-economic environments. This will help them achieve a General Education and Training Certificate at NQF Level 1, in addition to motivating them to further their education by completing higher levels of the National Qualifications Framework. Triple E Training has more than 20 years’ experience providing ABET levelseducation to South African adults. Our head office is based in Gauteng and supported by many regional offices throughout the country. We are accredited by Umalusi and we are a B-BBEE Level 2 Contributor.

Creating an environment for ABET success

To ensure the success of the training intervention, Triple E Training’s educators immediately set out to establish a cooperative learning environment.

They take note of the different cultures, knowledge levels and experience of low skilled employees and members of rural communities before embarking on the training intervention. By taking all these factors into account, our educators establish respect in the classroom. This is an important requirement for any successful training intervention.

Our educators also have high regard for learners’ time by ensuring that they are well prepared for the lessons. They also lead by example, in terms of attendance and punctuality. In so doing, our educators ensure that time spent in the classroom is constructive and only focused on training.

Triple E Training’s professional ABET educators are also aware of the real needs of learners and are, therefore, able to develop learning experiences that address these requirements.

For example, they are sensitive to gender issues, including those related to the practical aspects and strategic needs of adult learners.

This understanding is essential especially when undertaking ABET for community programmes. Triple E Training continues to lead in the field having undertaken many of these projects for South African companies that want to make a difference to the lives of many South Africans. These include mining houses that invest in host communities as part of their obligations under the Mining Charter and companies that want to maintain or improve their B-BBEE scorecard.

When embarking on these projects, Triple E Training and its clients also consider practical aspects, such as the safety and security of learners, including providing protection against sexual harassment. In some instances, childcare and transport will be required for people participating in ABET. Triple E Training’s educators also travel to remote areas to provide instruction. Moreover, the company can harness its Live Coaching (online) training methods for these purposes. These digital technologies have also become an essential means of conducting training during the various levels of lockdowns that have been implemented in the country to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A good example of a strategic need that must be taken into consideration by educators is the traditional role of women in rural communities. This understanding is key to establishing a sound rapport between adult women, especially those from rural communities, and educators in a classroom setting.

Our educators are also aware of unspoken and undocumented behavioural constraints. This is in addition to the values and beliefs that underlie routines and social relationships, considering their immense bearing on the success of a training programme.

Importantly, professional AET educators are also able to cope with conflict, emotion and crises that may arise during training sessions and use these to the benefit of learners.

Triple E Training’s educators also inspect the progress made by learners regularly. They establish smaller attainable targets for learners to help them complete their basic literacy and numeracy training.

Resourceful and flexible, our educators are also able to implement a variety of training methods and adapt them to different learning environments and contexts.

These are skills and capabilities that have been refined over many years of providing a quality ABET offering to leading companies and government bodies.

Triple E Training’s educators are ready to help you design and implement a tailored AET solution for your workplace and community upliftment projects.

Changing Lives Together