B-BBEE Scorecard and ABET

B-BBEE Scorecards can be improved by investing in ABET for low skilled employees and unemployed members of poor communities. ABET equips previously disadvantaged individuals who have not had the opportunity to complete their basic education with foundational skills. These include English literacy and numeracy. Literacy and numeracy skills are important. Literacy skills enable us to … Read more

Quality ABET for outstanding results

It is the quality of teaching that determines the success of any Adult Basic Education & Training (ABET) or Adult Education & Training (AET) programme. This is exactly why Triple E Training remains the preferred supplier of basic literacy skills and basic numbers skills training for adults in the country. Triple E Training’s team of … Read more

AET Bursaries (LinkedIn Ad Landing Page )

AET Bursaries What are the benefits of AET Bursaries? Start to finish in only 3 weeks.Grants up to 4 points under Skills and Development of your B-BBEE scorecard,Caters for unemployed and disabled unemployed candidates nationally, in communities, local or rural.We facilitate the whole process for you, this means the recruitment, suitable venue, assessments of candidates, … Read more

We drive change through education and training

Research shows that persons with a disability have a far less chance of being employed, with similar trends observed in job advancement and security. At Triple E Training we are committed to drive change through education and training which is why we support the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) requirement for training disabled individuals. Training … Read more

The Retail Motor Industry, the BBBEE codes, and skills development

In this article Marinda Clack looks at the challenges faced by the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) in South Africa when it comes to compliance with the BBBEE codes. BBBEE spotlight on the retail motor industry In the last quarter of 2016 the new BBBEE codes were in the spotlight with changes that has a serious … Read more

Earn up to 47 points on your BEE Scorecard with Training

Businesses have different needs and requirements for training. Based on your specific needs and circumstances, Triple E Training can customize a training programme to train your staff on-site, in the time frames that your operations can accommodate. Alternatively, individuals or groups from external communities can be trained, or even a combination of both these training … Read more

Accredited training for the unemployed – your solution to BEE compliance

Challenge: A highly qualified and specialised workforce does not require skills development Businesses with a small staff compliment, or in a very specialised field, often find themselves in a difficult situation when it comes to B-BBEE compliance, particularly pertaining to the skills development element of the BEE scorecard. Being able to conduct Category B or … Read more

The real value of skills development

In December 2014 my client, Toolquip and Allied, embarked on a skills development programme, and Triple E Training implemented Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET), also known as AET. Not only has my client benefited from the skills development programme with regards to their BEE scorecard but their employees also reaped major benefits. One such … Read more

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