We are made to connect!

After the many days of lockdown, we think we all know that the one thing that really stood out for us all, what we craved for the most part and what we desperately missed is a small yet crucial thing… human contact. Our daily interactions in work life, like seeing other people, discussing concepts among … Read more

AET, FLC and Learnerships – Delivered differently!

We’re offering AET, FLC and Learnership Live Coaching sessions now! What is live coaching? It is an interactive face-to-face session, hosted by a dedicated facilitator, in small groups of 1 to 3 learners at a time. The sessions are hosted 1-to-1 and up to 1-to-3 via WhatsApp.I know it’s a cliche, “Employees are a company’s … Read more

Let us discuss and share Covid-19 training solutions

… also had enough of Covid-19 … Yeah , the word has almost become a “swear” word in my home and office. How could we ever have prepared for this “disaster” !? Let alone know how to prepare for the future? … Will, there be a silver lining? … Yes, there will be a brighter … Read more

FLC – Foundational Learning Competence

Solutions for your company Why train FLC? Fast-tracked part-qualification Improves workplace communication & writing Establishes problem solving & critical thinking Increased workforce competence Streamlines company operations & processes Entry into Qualifications & Learnerships Partnering with your company. How does it work? We come to you, no matter where in South Africa you are. Employees have … Read more

Improve your BEE – BBBEE scorecard through skills development.

ABET solutions to improve your BEE – BBEE scorecard We are EXPERIENCED! ~ With over 600 Corporate Clients & 19000 Learners. (809000 Training Hours delivered – 2013)* The Skills Development component of BEE – BBBEE consits of: The Skills Development element is designed to improve the skills set of black employees. The Skills Development element … Read more

ABET – Adult Basic Education and Training

Solutions for your company Why train ABET / AET? Focused on work-based training Improves workplace Communications in English Improves workplace mathematical skills Allows access to further training e.g. Learnerships Designed for all industry types Can be implemented anywhere Suitable for unskilled employees Partnering with your company. How does it work? We come to you, no … Read more

Changing Lives Together