There is a literacy need in South Africa

Some countries have a zero rate of illiteracy and cannot begin to understand what it must be like to be unable to read and write. These people begin receiving an education at a young age and although some might not complete their schooling, they will have the ability to read and write. South Africa is … Read more

FAQ about ABET learning programs – Timeframe

One of the frequently asked questions about ABET learning programs is how long it takes to complete one of the levels of ABET learning programs. The timeframe depends on how many hours the learner spends a week attending the ABET learning programs. The more hours put in a week the shorter the timeframe for completion … Read more

FAQ about ABET training levels – Cost

Cost is always a concern and understandably so because life is expensive and people have limited budgets. The cost for ABET training levels differ according to the specific level, subjects, place, books and more. The average cost for the completion of one of the ABET training levels ranges from R1400 to R1800 a learner. This … Read more

FAQ about adult basic education – ABET classes

ABET classes are held at the premises most convenient to the learners and onsite at the company sponsoring the learning. Once you enrol or enrol your employees in ABET classes we will discuss the location most convenient to the learners in the program. The ABET classes are held Mondays to Sundays according to our client … Read more

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