Umalusi ABET centres

Triple e is one of the Umalusi ABET centres meaning that we have the full accreditation to provide courses on specific subjects and NQF levels. As one of the Umalusi ABET centres we provide high quality education, courses structured according to standards set, have presenters with the necessary qualifications and experience, and make use of … Read more

ABET learning materials

Education on NQF1 level requires specific books and ABET learning materials. Triple e ensures that course attendees will have access to the appropriate ABET learning materials, structured specifically for the NQF1 level. The ABET learning materials for this level include workbooks, facilitation and portfolio building. ABET learning materials are available for all the levels right … Read more

Learning materials development

Triple e recognizes the importance of the correct learning materials for every stage of learning. As such the ABET learning materials used ensure that every level is appropriately addressed. Although most of the ABET learning materials are written in English, the employees or learners are also taught the required English skills to ensure that they … Read more