Always make sure of ABET accreditation

In order to ensure that the service provider that has been selected to provide educational services to an organisation is in fact able to provide these services in accordance with the government approved guidelines for further education. Without the sign of approval from the relevant authorities any ABET accreditation will not be valid and any … Read more

ABET and the bottom line

Business should ensure that ABET service providers have the correct accreditation in order to make sure that employees are receiving the proper instruction to enable them to progress through the levels of the Adult Basic education and Training program successfully. Should the ABET service provider not be accredited with the correct governmental structure then all … Read more

Accreditation Essential

In order to ensure that the provider of Adult Basic Education and Training is providing the best possible service to learners business needs to ensure that the provider is accredited by government and the relevant training authorities. If this is not the case the learner will not be able to take advantage of the certification … Read more

ABET accreditation a must

Adult Basic Education and training is an important part of the South African educational landscape, however as importantly the providers of the training are accredited by SETA’s and other governmental body’s in order to ensure that the levels of education and training that they provide subscribe to the standards as set in place by government. … Read more

Umalusi ABET centres

Triple e is one of the Umalusi ABET centres meaning that we have the full accreditation to provide courses on specific subjects and NQF levels. As one of the Umalusi ABET centres we provide high quality education, courses structured according to standards set, have presenters with the necessary qualifications and experience, and make use of … Read more

Is there a difference between SETA accredited and SET approved?

Although people don’t realize it the difference in wording does reflect on a difference. SETA approved indicated that the SETAs across the country approve of the specific training and provider and that the materials used are approved. A SETA approved trainer company thus will provide training on the required level. A company can thus give … Read more