Adult Education Classes Promote Workplace Communication

Meaningful conversation between workers and managers benefits confidence, efficiency, productivity while promoting trust and respect. When workplace “culture” thrives on the strength of shared values and effective communication, earnings and profits dramatically increase. On the other hand, when workers feel separated from their work and their leaders, both the work and the bottom line suffer. … Read more

Adult education classes must have a high level of interactivity

Research has shown that media tools such as radio and television, although useful in adult education, lack interactivity. The learners at adult education classes thrive on the interactivity provided through the Triple E method of instruction. Learners must have the opportunity to have social contact and learn from their peers. They also appreciate live feedback … Read more

Cost to company for Adult Education Classes

The cost to company for Adult Education Classes vary according the number of employees attending, the levels provided, the location, duration, and also how much the company will pay the employees for attending the Adult Education Classes. The question whether the employee should pay for the Adult Education Classes or whether the company should depends … Read more