Expert placement assessments

Each learner must receive an assessment before he or she can take part in the Adult Basic Education and Training programme. The assessment judges the level of skills that the learner has already achieved and where they will begin learning within the programme. These placements assessments can take place at either their place of work … Read more

Umalusi – making sure you’re ready

Umalusi is responsible for assuring that the level of assessment of learners attending Adult Basic Education and Training are of a national standard. It also ensures that the examinations at the end of each level are dealt with in line with the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act of 2001. The learner … Read more

Assessment is the key to success

The first step in finding the right facilitator or trainer to assist your work force in attaining skills in literacy and numeracy is to have them assessed. An assessment will provide the facilitator with the information they will need to know where to start addressing the education issues. If most of your employees are entirely … Read more

How much will it cost the company to enrol employees in one of the ABET courses?

Costs vary according to the number of employees enrolled in the ABET courses, the levels they attend, the duration of the classes, location, and additional courses taken or presented including project management, steel work, life skills management, and time management etc. We tailor the packages around the client requirements whether for African language courses, literacy, … Read more

English classes for adults in the workplace

Triple e provides well structured English classes for adults in the workplace. Every class is structured to meet the specific learning needs of the attendees and upon completion of the specific levels the attendees will do either an assessment or a POE. Once they have passed the level they receive their NQF for that level. … Read more

Learn English for the workplace

Help your workers to learn English for the workplace by enrolling them in the Basic English courses presented through Triple e. We provide the courses to help attendees learn English for the workplace entailing oral and written communication. The ABET courses are presented at the premises of the employer at a pre-arranged time schedule that … Read more

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