English classes for adults in the workplace

Triple e provides well structured English classes for adults in the workplace. Every class is structured to meet the specific learning needs of the attendees and upon completion of the specific levels the attendees will do either an assessment or a POE. Once they have passed the level they receive their NQF for that level. … Read more

Importance of English education in South Africa

The importance of English education in South Africa cannot be stressed enough. As it is the language of business communication, one most used on television, and also for communicating in day to day living at shopping centres, as well as with overseas companies, employees will benefit from the English education provided by Triple-e. Most of … Read more

Adult English Classes

We offer various adult English classes for people who need to improve their conversational skills, written communication and day to day business or industry related English skills. The adult English classes have been designed to address the learning needs of employees who have to communicate with clients and colleagues on a daily basis, but don’t … Read more

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