Financial lifeskills for self actualisation

Levels 1 to 4 of the Adult Basic Education and Training programme aim to provide learners with basic education in reading writing and maths. These levels also place emphasis on teaching financial lifeskills to individuals to assist them in managing their personal finances better. This includes providing them with information of how the banking sector … Read more

Financial skills development at the workplace

The ability to write a cheque, calculating the cost of groceries, developing a spreadsheet for budgeting, and even tasks such as calculating distance driven to ensure correct tax calculations are skills often taken for granted by people who have the required skills levels. The financial skills development training provided through Triple-e whether from the most … Read more

Financial life skills development

Apart from HIV/AIDS awareness programs, Triple E also provides financial life skills courses to ensure that adults can do more than just count. We ensure that the learners will be able to understand presentation of financial information in graph, table, form and other formats. The financial life skills programs also have as aim to ensure … Read more