Wiping out illiteracy

Illiteracy prevents many South Africa’s from achieving their full potential. Without the skills required for reading and writing these citizens are doomed to a life of manual labour and cannot become truly productive members of their communities. Illiteracy results in both low self esteem and low productivity, both of which have negative effects on social … Read more

Too many for comfort

South Africa has an estimated 3.3 million illiterate adults. A percentage of the population that is far too high for a country that is striving to overcome decades of social and educational injustice. If this situation is allowed to continue the attitudes of this portion of the population will inevitably impact the young learners of … Read more

The Dangers of Illiteracy

Although the media have not explored the topic, economists frequently tie South African economic stagnation to adult illiteracy among the country’s disadvantaged groups. Continuing illiteracy among South Africa’s minorities threatens the nation’s continued economic development because it depends on people’s command of language. Although South Africa boasts a high literacy rate, which is one of … Read more

Changing Lives Together