Improving workforce literacy

If you would like to assist your work force in improving their literacy and basic mathematics skills, enquire about the Adult Basic Education and Training programme. The course does have a cost attached as the facilitator must be compensated for his or her services and the costs of the course material must be covered. There … Read more

Personnel training through ABET learnership programs empower employees

Practical illiteracy hampers a worker’s ability to perform optimally on the job and to progress in his or her career. The contribution of an illiterate worker to the workplace will always be limited in a sense to routine tasks and to physical labour. Employers that provide personnel training through ABET learnership programs empower their employees … Read more

South Africans Must Learn to Read

Even as South Africa has become more sensitive to the value of cultural diversity, the importance of English language literacy has increased. More than ever, experts emphasize in order to participate in South African culture and commerce, people must learn to read. As in all post modern industrialized nations, television has become the primary tool … Read more

Changing Lives Together