Life skills training

Life skills’ training involves teaching a person how to function properly in their communities as well as society at large. These skills include being able to communicate within any environment. The training teaches them how to complete documents so that they are able to open bank accounts and have access to other institutions. It shows … Read more

Basic Numeracy

Basic numeracy begins with teaching a person what a number depicts and how to count. Once a person knows the name of a number and is able to place them in the correct numerical order, they can begin to learn how to recognise numbers. After this, an individual can begin making basic sums such as … Read more

Business Processes Course

You must understand the processes of a business to understand how it operates and generates profits. A business processes course will give you all the information on how a business is run from operations to sales and marketing. It will help you understand the importance of the various departments within a company and their function … Read more

Basic Writing Course

A basic writing course will not give you the skills to become a writer overnight. It is aimed at people who have little to no literacy skills to enable them to learn to read and write. A basic writing course will teach an individual everything about writing from holding a pen correctly to forming the … Read more

Improve Numerical Literacy

The word mathematics sends fear into the hearts of many a student and learner. But having basic numeracy skills such as the ability to add and subtract as well as multiply and divide is necessary for a person function optimally in society. Many South Africans do not have these skills and it is important that … Read more

Customised Learner Materials for the Individual

You can supply your employees with customised learner materials within an adult basic education and training course that pertain specifically to your business and the areas of focus that you need addressed in your business. These learner materials will help your employees address issues such as basic conversational skills in a variety of languages or … Read more

ABET course costs

We understand the companies and learners want to keep their learning experiences within their budget range. It is for this reason that we take every possible step to ensure quality education at an affordable price. The ABET course costs vary according to location, number of attendees, levels taken and materials required. The ABET course costs … Read more

Literacy education programs

The Triple e literacy education programs are presented on all ABET levels and upon completion of every level, the learner obtains the necessary nationally recognized qualification. Literacy education programs are focussed on first teaching the learners the basics, and from there progressing to more advanced literacy and finally total comprehension of a language including reading, … Read more

English classes for adults in the workplace

Triple e provides well structured English classes for adults in the workplace. Every class is structured to meet the specific learning needs of the attendees and upon completion of the specific levels the attendees will do either an assessment or a POE. Once they have passed the level they receive their NQF for that level. … Read more

What is POE?

POE stands for Portfolio of Evidence and refers to the portfolio that a learner has to hand in for each of the outcomes mastered in the ABET training programs. Instead of writing the ABET exam the learner must complete assignments, show proof of work completed and an understanding of the outcomes. It is project based … Read more

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