Motivation and Determination Inspire Adult Learning

Children attend school because they must. Adults return to school because they choose to learn and grow. The difference between force and choice makes a critical difference in students’ motivation and success. Knowing education will contribute to their advancement at work and in the community, adult students dedicate full attention and strict self-discipline to their … Read more

Learning as an Adult: Students Learn How to Learn

Adult students quickly learn the “real” value of continuing education. Of course, school provides them with factual knowledge they might not otherwise acquire, but adults tend to forget most of the facts they master in school. The “real” value of education comes from learning how to learn – thus through courses for learning as an … Read more

Three levels of adult learning which are essential for today’s work environment

The Triple E adult learning programs are focused on addressing the following levels of adult learning which are essential for functioning in the modern day work environment: Literacy (reading and writing) Numeracy (mathematical skills) Problem solving The first level of adult learning is focused on conversational skills, the ability to read, understand and apply knowledge … Read more

Life skills learning as important as literacy

Although our focus is on adult literacy and numeracy we recognize the importance of life skills learning programs. As the society develops and becomes more complex, the focus also changes to become information orientated. As such people need more life skills to be able to survive in the digitized society. Life skills learning will also … Read more

Presentation of information for adult literacy classes

It is extremely important that any visual presentation of information for adult literacy classes be in a language understood by the learners. Radio is the least effective method to present adult literacy classes since it is based only on audio stimulation while the most important way for taking information in, that of visually lacks. It … Read more

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