ABET learning materials

Education on NQF1 level requires specific books and ABET learning materials. Triple e ensures that course attendees will have access to the appropriate ABET learning materials, structured specifically for the NQF1 level. The ABET learning materials for this level include workbooks, facilitation and portfolio building. ABET learning materials are available for all the levels right … Read more

Western Cape ABET training

Triple e also provides Western Cape ABET training programs. Many of the Western Cape ABET training programs are run in community centres and have already helped people gain English literacy, Mathematical literacy, Life Orientation, Industry specific skills, and skills in areas such as project management. The Western Cape ABET training programs run in communities fall … Read more

Life orientation skills development

Many people take for granted knowledge about how to write a cheque, what to do in case of an emergency, how to ensure hygiene and safety at home, and how to deal with AIDS or HIV. It is complacency that drives a society downwards. It is not too say that if you have the knowledge, … Read more

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