Adult life skills training

We take many life skills for granted, but often forget that many communities never had any exposure to life skills training before. One of the adult life skills training programs is that of HIV/AIDS training presented at workplaces around the country. By giving workers the knowledge to help them deal with HIV/AIDS infections, living with … Read more

Project management training

One of the life skills training courses which will benefit any employee dealing with projects is that of project management training as provided by Triple–e. Project management skills are in demand and will continue to be so for many years to come. Ongoing education is important and as such being able to meet deadlines, budget … Read more

Adult life skills training programs

Although life skills training programs form part of the primary school curriculum, many South African adults never attended primary school or any form of life skills training programs. Life skills training programs at primary school level focus on issues such as HIV/AIDS. Adult life skills training programs can also focus on health, hygiene, HIV/AIDS awareness, … Read more

What is Life Skills Training and how can your employees benefit?

There are various types of life skills training courses. One of the essential life skills training courses entail AIDS awareness. This includes background on how AIDS is transmitted, what steps to take to prevent transmission, how to handle infection, and where to get help. AIDS is not a problem that can be ignored and with … Read more