On what level is the time management training provided?

The time management training is a Level 3 course aimed at providing managers, clerks and supervisors the skills to effectively manage their time, workload, and priorities. The time management course addresses areas such as easing the load through effective task delegation, how to create task lists, how to minimize time wastage, how to do job … Read more

Worker Education Classes Emphasize Outcomes

Traditional educators always understood the notion of learning for its own sake as one of their vocation’s guiding principles. One learns a language or logical system because it stimulates the mind, they thought. Measurements of intellectual development prevailed. However, from the beginning, architects of South Africa’s sophisticated worker education classes program insisted growth rates and … Read more

Zulu Classes for Managers and Leaders

In the southwestern United States, where managers speak English and workers frequently speak only Spanish, managers gain workers’ trust and loyalty when they become fluent in Spanish. In Quebec, Canada, where leaders speak English and workers typically speak French, leaders gain their employees’ respect and teams become more productive when leaders learn French. In South … Read more

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