Cutom materials development and the learner

Custom materials development are one of the key focus areas of the Adult Basic Education and Training programme rolled out by government to address the issue of the high illiteracy rate amongst adults in South Africa. The materials have been created to provide education in all 11 official languages and with the assistance of linguists … Read more

ABET course costs

We understand the companies and learners want to keep their learning experiences within their budget range. It is for this reason that we take every possible step to ensure quality education at an affordable price. The ABET course costs vary according to location, number of attendees, levels taken and materials required. The ABET course costs … Read more

What is an ABET training quality assuror?

Umalusi is an example of an ABET training quality assuror. The purpose of an ABET training quality assuror is to oversee the training provided by companies and institutions. The ABET training quality assuror will set standards for adult education and how the courses should be presented. This protects learners against fly by night companies and … Read more

Learn how to write technical reports

Although most employees on management level have the required skills for normal business communication, many lack the skills to write technical reports that are accurate, readable, and can be understood as well as followed by the reader. Triple e also provides courses on how to write technical reports which also entail the research process, citations, … Read more

Sector for Education and Training Authority

The Sector for Education and Training Authority came into being in 2000 as a brainchild of Government and Industry to develop the education and skills levels of South African employees to be on the same standard as the rest of the world. By establishing as Sector for Education and Training Authority for every industry sector … Read more

Is there a difference between SETA accredited and SET approved?

Although people don’t realize it the difference in wording does reflect on a difference. SETA approved indicated that the SETAs across the country approve of the specific training and provider and that the materials used are approved. A SETA approved trainer company thus will provide training on the required level. A company can thus give … Read more

Custom Materials Development

Custom Materials Development plays a vital role in catering to the learning needs of course attendees. As part of custom materials development for the various ABET programs language courses in all eleven official languages are available. Although most of the course material is written in English because publishers fear tremendous financial losses if the courses … Read more