Learning African languages the easy way

When you think about learning African languages, you may already feel it not possible because of previous experiences at school. Triple e however, makes learning African languages easy not only for you, but all your employees as well. To ensure that English or Afrikaans speaking employees can understand and communicate with their colleagues speaking Zulu, … Read more

African language courses

Once the manager or supervisor understands the language of the workers and is able to effectively communicate in their language, fewer mistakes and misunderstanding follow. Triple e also provides African language courses to help managers communicate in Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, and Xhosa. A Xhosa manager for instance, will have difficulty to build trust, establish good … Read more

Use Sotho in the Workplace

Because many South Africans claim Sotho as their primary language and another five million claim some familiarity with the original language, Sotho may dominate the workplace. Among the workers, Sotho may be far more common than English or any of South Africa’s nine other official languages. Especially in major urban and residential areas, Sotho prevails … Read more

Sotho Adult Classes

Children and adolescents learn language almost as easily as they learn to walk. Their rapidly developing little brains absorb words and concepts like sponges. However, adults experience considerably more difficulty learning a second or third language because they have trouble thinking and composing in their “other” language; they typically must translate before they speak or … Read more

The Value of Learning Sotho

Sotho, the original language of the African nation and one of the eleven official languages of South Africa, may serve as the unofficial international language of the southern African continent. Four million South Africans claim Sotho as their primary language and as many as five million more identify Sotho as their second or third language. … Read more