Use Sotho in the Workplace

Because many South Africans claim Sotho as their primary language and another five million claim some familiarity with the original language, Sotho may dominate the workplace. Among the workers, Sotho may be far more common than English or any of South Africa’s nine other official languages. Especially in major urban and residential areas, Sotho prevails as the everyday language of family, neighborhood, gossip, and social conversation. Sotho may similarly succeed along the assembly lines and on jobsites throughout South Africa because it remains the principal language of the country’s working class. In order to boost spirits, increase efficiency and productivity, many corporate leaders encourage supervisors and managers to use Sotho in the workplace. Recognizing its power and value as an especially effective tool for developing rapport, many of the nation’s most successful business leaders routinely use Sotho in the workplace.
Changing Lives Together