How much will it cost the company to enrol employees in one of the ABET courses?

Costs vary according to the number of employees enrolled in the ABET courses, the levels they attend, the duration of the classes, location, and additional courses taken or presented including project management, steel work, life skills management, and time management etc. We tailor the packages around the client requirements whether for African language courses, literacy, … Read more

Steel Work Training is Essential in South Africa

Especially with developments taking place at a tremendous speed, steel work training has become essential in South Africa. At present far too many skilled workers have to be imported to fill the tremendous gaps of skills in the steel and construction industries. Employers can either import the required skills and have the capital go out … Read more

Steel Work Course

Severe shortages of skills in the steel & construction industry necessitate the recruitment of overseas workers with the required skills to fill the gap in the market. This means more South Africans that cannot benefit from job creation. As such business is encouraged to support the development of skills in the industry by ensuring that … Read more