Triple e Training: Exemplary Service since 1991

Triple e Training, dedicated to disadvantaged students’ empowerment, numbers among South Africa’s oldest, most respected, and largest providers of Adult Basic Educational Training. Triple e collaborates with business and industry, designing and developing work-based, results-oriented programs of instruction and experiential learning. Triple e emphasizes responsiveness to each community’s unique needs and expectations, and the company … Read more

ABET Learnerships Expand Opportunities

Many industrial nations struggle with “school-to-work transition” issues: graduates of their traditional educational systems have neither skills nor values immediately applicable in the workplace. In South Africa, however, industry leaders and educators have collaborated for more than twenty years, developing a sophisticated system that promotes students’ learning for work. In South African industries, the notion … Read more

Worker Education Builds Responsibility

It may not appear frequently among multiple choices, and students may not repeat it a thousand times as they build their portfolios, but “responsibility” remains the fundamental, essential, indispensible, pervasive, and ubiquitous word in worker education. Worker education prepares students not only to become more productive and efficient, but also to become progressively more responsible. … Read more

English Adult Classes from Basic to Boardroom

Research with rising users of English proves what common sense always suggested – When students learn English “in a meaningful context,” they learn more quickly and they retain what they learn. English adult classes, which develop students reading and writing skills in the context of their everyday work, show far greater growth and retention than … Read more

Learn Numeracy Skills

The conventional wisdom equates “literacy” with fundamentals of reading and writing, and it equates “numeracy” with basics of mathematics. Literacy, however, advances well beyond the basics to public speaking and conversation, figuration, and sophisticated inference. When adults learn numeracy skills, they similarly move well beyond the basics, developing sophisticated skills that help them advance in … Read more

Education Gap Threatens South African Progress

In most industrialized nations, divisions among social classes show not only in wide disparities between incomes, but also in significant differences between levels of education. And, in most industrialized nations, increases in educational achievement yield gains in income and social standing. In South Africa, an education gap threatens the nation’s bold experiment in multi-cultural democracy. … Read more