Worker Education Builds Responsibility

It may not appear frequently among multiple choices, and students may not repeat it a thousand times as they build their portfolios, but “responsibility” remains the fundamental, essential, indispensible, pervasive, and ubiquitous word in worker education. Worker education prepares students not only to become more productive and efficient, but also to become progressively more responsible. Sometimes the most important part of worker education doesn’t appear in the syllabus or among the curriculum materials, but responsibility develops as students learn the subtleties and intricacies of work-life balance. Worker education often builds students’ willingness to take-on extra projects at work, challenging them to become more responsible. Worker education also helps students become responsible for their own learning and its application. At first, they demand to know the reason and relevance for development of new skills. As they advance through worker education; however, they learn to figure it out for themselves.
Changing Lives Together