A better quality of life through ABET

It is the responsibility of both government and business, in partnership to ensure that the citizens of South Africa enjoy an adequate standard of living and are able to feel a basic fulfillment in their everyday lives. Without certain core skills, such as reading and writing this is simply unachievable. Without literacy and numeracy the … Read more

3 Crutial Seps of Training and Development

The field of training and development is concerned with a very essential key factor in your company and that is Human resource management. It is armed with organizational activities that aim in bettering the performance of all individuals and groups within an organizational environment. To perfectly sum up training and development we can take a … Read more

Worker Education Builds Responsibility

It may not appear frequently among multiple choices, and students may not repeat it a thousand times as they build their portfolios, but “responsibility” remains the fundamental, essential, indispensible, pervasive, and ubiquitous word in worker education. Worker education prepares students not only to become more productive and efficient, but also to become progressively more responsible. … Read more

English language skills development

Although it may be the easier option to enroll employees in online courses for English language skills development, it will not address the core issues effectively. Many employees do not have computers and sufficient Internet access to improve their English language skills on their own. In addition most of the employees that will benefit from … Read more

Changing Lives Together