3 Crutial Seps of Training and Development

The field of training and development is concerned with a very essential key factor in your company and that is Human resource management. It is armed with organizational activities that aim in bettering the performance of all individuals and groups within an organizational environment. To perfectly sum up training and development we can take a look at the three main activities involved, and although they are separate in theory, they’re still interrelated and depend on one another for a rewarding outcome. The first activity is the actual training which involves focussing and evaluating the job one specific individual holds. The second is education where we focus on the potential jobs an individual might apply for in the future and evaluate you in regards to those jobs. Development is the last activity and focuses on the individual’s employer and their organization and how they might partake in certain activities in the future. Training and development is important for any company, and to find out about our ABET courses and products contact us at TRIPLE E HOLDINGS.
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