What is Employee Development and why is it so Important?

The basic definition of employee development is the on-going effort between the employee and the organization they work for to upgrade and improve the employee’s knowledge, social and business skills and their unique abilities. For this to have a successful result it requires a balance between the needs and goals of an employee’s career and … Read more

Pro-Active Business Training

Pro-active business training is very popular amongst small and medium sized companies who want to optimize their functionality and improve the social and business skills of each employee. The fact that some adults lack the corporate ‘know how’ as the times change and technology advances is a growing problem in this industry. We offer four … Read more

3 Crutial Seps of Training and Development

The field of training and development is concerned with a very essential key factor in your company and that is Human resource management. It is armed with organizational activities that aim in bettering the performance of all individuals and groups within an organizational environment. To perfectly sum up training and development we can take a … Read more

How Management training will Benefit Yout Company

Managerial skills can be quite easy to fake when you ‘talk the talk’, but when push comes to shove many individuals in manager positions tend to crack under the pressure and therefore fail at the task at hand. We can’t stress this fact enough, and that is that all individuals inline for a possible promotion … Read more

Essential Leadership Training

All members of a company should occupy some level of leadership qualities, whether you have the leadership position as CEO or director and therefore need to delegate all members of staff or whether you’re a secretary with few leadership responsibilities you still have to be able to take a stand and make things happen. Leadership … Read more

What is an Umalusi training provider?

To be an Umalusi training provider with accreditation an ABET centre needs to be listed with Umalusi which is the quality assurance authority for education on general and advanced levels of training as set out in the NQF curricula. NQF stands for the National Qualifications Framework. The purpose of Umalusi is to oversee the quality … Read more

Background on Umalusi

Umalusi is an Nguni word and means the guardian of the family resources. In the context of education Umalusi is thus the guardian of training resources in South Africa ensuring that the training is provided according to certain standards and that the knowledge resources of the country is therefore guided and training provided at the … Read more

Basics of the ABET education

The ABET education is presented at the employer’s premises or a location selected by the employer that will be most convenient for the attendees. Once the employees are enrolled in the ABET education programs the location most convenient for the learners can be selected. The ABET education classes are presented any day or days of … Read more

Adults learn differently

Have you ever tried to learn as an adult in the way children do? If we were to learn in the same way we would lose all hope. Children have growing brains and can intake more knowledge than adults. In addition they have 12 years at school to learn a new language, master maths, life … Read more

Previous exposure to education must be kept in mind when structuring adult education programs

Although it may seem straight forward, not all adult education programs take the previous exposure to education into consideration and thus either begin at a too low level or a too advance level for some of the learners. This means that you will get frustrated learners in your class. Some will be frustrated because they … Read more

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