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Is your company registered with the Sector Education and Training Authority and are you meeting the requirements they set forth? Why not offer your uneducated and illiterate work force an accelerated education programme so that they can add more value to your company? There are many courses available to fulfil your SETA quota such as … Read more

Why companies should have HIV awareness training at work

HIV/AIDS is not a disease that can be separated from the work area. Workers spend most of their days at work and interact with people at work. HIV awareness training at work is important because it helps to clear up misunderstandings about the disease and prevents discrimination against co-workers who have contracted HIV/AIDS. It also … Read more

Steel Work Training is Essential in South Africa

Especially with developments taking place at a tremendous speed, steel work training has become essential in South Africa. At present far too many skilled workers have to be imported to fill the tremendous gaps of skills in the steel and construction industries. Employers can either import the required skills and have the capital go out … Read more

ABET Learnerships Expand Opportunities

Many industrial nations struggle with “school-to-work transition” issues: graduates of their traditional educational systems have neither skills nor values immediately applicable in the workplace. In South Africa, however, industry leaders and educators have collaborated for more than twenty years, developing a sophisticated system that promotes students’ learning for work. In South African industries, the notion … Read more

Worker Education Builds Responsibility

It may not appear frequently among multiple choices, and students may not repeat it a thousand times as they build their portfolios, but “responsibility” remains the fundamental, essential, indispensible, pervasive, and ubiquitous word in worker education. Worker education prepares students not only to become more productive and efficient, but also to become progressively more responsible. … Read more

Zulu Classes for Managers and Leaders

In the southwestern United States, where managers speak English and workers frequently speak only Spanish, managers gain workers’ trust and loyalty when they become fluent in Spanish. In Quebec, Canada, where leaders speak English and workers typically speak French, leaders gain their employees’ respect and teams become more productive when leaders learn French. In South … Read more

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