Adult life skills training

We take many life skills for granted, but often forget that many communities never had any exposure to life skills training before. One of the adult life skills training programs is that of HIV/AIDS training presented at workplaces around the country. By giving workers the knowledge to help them deal with HIV/AIDS infections, living with … Read more

Why teach English to adults in the workplace?

It is wrong to assume that all South Africans have mastered the language of English. The opposite is true. Many thousands of South African workers cannot speak English or can do so only basically. They cannot read or write in the language, not even to write about written communication fit for business communication. With English … Read more

What sets our adult learning programs apart from the rest?

Our adult learning programs are a notch above the rest because we tackle obstacles to adult learning head on. We for instance, schedule the adult learning programs at the workplace, making it possible for the workers to attend without having to take additional transport to get to the place of learning. We also schedule the … Read more

Why companies should have HIV awareness training at work

HIV/AIDS is not a disease that can be separated from the work area. Workers spend most of their days at work and interact with people at work. HIV awareness training at work is important because it helps to clear up misunderstandings about the disease and prevents discrimination against co-workers who have contracted HIV/AIDS. It also … Read more

EDTP: Advancing Educators

EDTP ensures quality education in South Africa. Genuine educational equity requires that students in primary and high schools study with teachers who educate by example as well as direct instruction; students long for teachers who look and sound like them, who understand their cultural norms, and can lead them to higher education and into the … Read more

Worker Education Classes Emphasize Outcomes

Traditional educators always understood the notion of learning for its own sake as one of their vocation’s guiding principles. One learns a language or logical system because it stimulates the mind, they thought. Measurements of intellectual development prevailed. However, from the beginning, architects of South Africa’s sophisticated worker education classes program insisted growth rates and … Read more

Relevant Curricula Help Workers to Learn

Although disadvantaged students recognize the theoretical value of education, they enroll in adult basic education to advance in their jobs. They want to earn better wages, secure a better standard of living for themselves and their families, and gain some measure of power and prestige among their colleagues. Language and mathematics skills which immediately transfer … Read more

South African Workers Always Have Recognized the Value of Education

In the 1970s, when South African workers first organized to demand better wages and working conditions, they also demanded training in language and mathematics skills that would secure their places in the workforce. Through the eighties and early nineties, as South Africa evolved, adult education evolved with it. Workers, businessmen, politicians, and change agents agreed … Read more

Adult Education Classes Promote Workplace Communication

Meaningful conversation between workers and managers benefits confidence, efficiency, productivity while promoting trust and respect. When workplace “culture” thrives on the strength of shared values and effective communication, earnings and profits dramatically increase. On the other hand, when workers feel separated from their work and their leaders, both the work and the bottom line suffer. … Read more

Adult Education Improves Workers’ Quality of Life

History very clearly shows, in all the world’s industrialized nations as workers become better educated, they enjoy upward social mobility. Education always has been the tool for rising above poverty, disease, and misery. A family’s value for continuing education inspires the children to continue in school all the way through university. As each generation of … Read more