How ABET can improve your writing

They say that every body has a book inside them and a story to tell but you need the right writing skills to be able to get your message across and make yourself understood. You can improve your writing skills by simply reading books and materials written by literary geniuses and other great writers. There … Read more

Basic writing skills are absolutely essential

Imagine for a moment that you are unable to read or write. We take picking up a pen and writing our own names for granted and hardly stop to think about the millions of people who do not have basic writing skills. These people form the poorest section of the population group in South Africa … Read more

Adult Writing Classes

You can use adult writing classes to learn to read or to improve on your current writing skills. Having a good vocabulary helps a person express themselves better so that they are better understood. A good vocabulary comes from reading a number of books that will give you better use of the English language. To … Read more

Teaching Basic Writing Skills

Once people are able read a language, teaching basic writing skills is the next step in the process of achieving literacy. Most of us were taught to read and write in grade one. However, many people did not have access to a school or any education under the Apartheid government. This has left us with … Read more

Improve Your Writing Skills

Everybody has a writer somewhere inside them. But it takes knowledge of the English language to ensure that you get the grammar, spelling and text correct. This may necessitate the study of a course that can help you improve your writing skills. Improving your writing skills will also open up a variety of options to … Read more

The three R’s

If you cannot read or write your ambitions simply cannot be realised. In a world that is changing to one where information is the currency that will allow people to reach their true potential. Someone who is illiterate is denied access to the information available in today’s knowledge rich environment and has to allow others … Read more

Without an education…

An education is something that no one can ever take away from you. Once you have learned the rudiments of reading and writing the world is your oyster, with the basics you can read further, improving your education. You can achieve almost anything you desire once you have the mental tools at your disposal. Unfortunately … Read more

Getting the basics right

Adult Basic Education and Training is changing the face of South African society by replacing ignorance with knowledge. This is important not only because of its ramifications for business but also in its knock on effects for the wider society. An educated populace is much more likely to actively engage in nation building and much … Read more

Literacy education programs

The Triple e literacy education programs are presented on all ABET levels and upon completion of every level, the learner obtains the necessary nationally recognized qualification. Literacy education programs are focussed on first teaching the learners the basics, and from there progressing to more advanced literacy and finally total comprehension of a language including reading, … Read more

Why adult basic training is essential in South Africa

Considering that we will host the World Cup Soccer 2010, we should be a country that is well advanced also on the educational front. Sadly we are not. We need adult basic training in South Africa to be able to provide better services, ensure hope for the future, and to uplift poorer communities. Equally sad … Read more

Changing Lives Together