Tswana Classes Benefit Business Leaders

Dedicated professionals recognize the benefits of continuing education. Advanced classes build their knowledge of strategies, tactics, and innovations giving them competitive advantage over their peers. In addition to professional growth classes, forward thinking business leaders ought to consider enrolling in Tswana classes. One of South Africa’s most prominent languages, and considerably easier to learn than the majority of African languages, Tswana is the everyday language of culture and commerce for more than four million South Africans. Studies repeatedly have shown that businessmen who communicate with customers and clients in their native languages, command more respect and loyalty than their English only competitors because customers recognize command of their language as a symbol of esteem. In addition, Tswana classes, specifically designed and developed for busy businessmen, promote rapid acquisition of the language. Using the best instructional methods, Tswana classes focus first and foremost on Tswana for commercial and professional use.
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