Learning African languages the easy way

When you think about learning African languages, you may already feel it not possible because of previous experiences at school. Triple e however, makes learning African languages easy not only for you, but all your employees as well. To ensure that English or Afrikaans speaking employees can understand and communicate with their colleagues speaking Zulu, … Read more

African language courses

Once the manager or supervisor understands the language of the workers and is able to effectively communicate in their language, fewer mistakes and misunderstanding follow. Triple e also provides African language courses to help managers communicate in Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, and Xhosa. A Xhosa manager for instance, will have difficulty to build trust, establish good … Read more

Leaders Should Learn to Speak Tswana

Professional journals and popular media thoroughly show the benefits businessmen and professionals gain when they learn to speak Tswana. Most experts now support that all up-and-coming leaders in business, industry, and any high profession should learn to speak Tswana. This is not only for the sake of advancing their careers, but also to assure the … Read more

Effective Leaders Speak Tswana in the Workplace

Managers and supervisors quickly learn the difference between a boss and a leader. A boss demands submission to the authority in his title and he issues compliance with his instructions. Employees working for a boss live in almost constant fear of punishment or termination. Leaders, however, inspire employees’ respect, loyalty, and devotion because they help … Read more

Tswana Classes Benefit Business Leaders

Dedicated professionals recognize the benefits of continuing education. Advanced classes build their knowledge of strategies, tactics, and innovations giving them competitive advantage over their peers. In addition to professional growth classes, forward thinking business leaders ought to consider enrolling in Tswana classes. One of South Africa’s most prominent languages, and considerably easier to learn than … Read more

Learn Tswana for the workplace

Tswana, one of South Africa’s eleven official languages, is a language written in a Latin alphabet. Native speakers of English find it easier to learn Tswana than other African tongues because they already understand the letters and sounds. “Cognates,” easily recognizable words imported into Tswana from English, French, German, and Dutch, also make it easier … Read more