Leaders Should Learn to Speak Tswana

Professional journals and popular media thoroughly show the benefits businessmen and professionals gain when they learn to speak Tswana. Most experts now support that all up-and-coming leaders in business, industry, and any high profession should learn to speak Tswana. This is not only for the sake of advancing their careers, but also to assure the success of South Africa’s bold and ambitious experiment in pluralist democracy. Even more than shared values and expectations unify society; common language cements the South African cultural diversity. When leaders learn to speak Tswana, they prove their respect for the nation’s disadvantaged workers and citizens. Speaking in a common language, leaders and followers develop a sense of shared activity as they fill their common obligation to a just cause. When professionals of all kinds learn to speak Tswana, they create a bond between themselves and more than four million of their fellow South Africans.