SAQA Guarantees Quality and Consistency of ABET Training

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), under the auspices of the Ministers of Education and Labour, supervised development of the National Qualifying Framework, and guided NQF’s implementation. In the early days, SAQA translated the NQF from paper to practice, determining the meaning of “outcomes-based” and “experiential learning.” SAQA also set qualifying standards for accreditation of … Read more

ABET Learnerships Expand Opportunities

Many industrial nations struggle with “school-to-work transition” issues: graduates of their traditional educational systems have neither skills nor values immediately applicable in the workplace. In South Africa, however, industry leaders and educators have collaborated for more than twenty years, developing a sophisticated system that promotes students’ learning for work. In South African industries, the notion … Read more

Leaders Should Learn to Speak Tswana

Professional journals and popular media thoroughly show the benefits businessmen and professionals gain when they learn to speak Tswana. Most experts now support that all up-and-coming leaders in business, industry, and any high profession should learn to speak Tswana. This is not only for the sake of advancing their careers, but also to assure the … Read more

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