SAQA Guarantees Quality and Consistency of ABET Training

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), under the auspices of the Ministers of Education and Labour, supervised development of the National Qualifying Framework, and guided NQF’s implementation. In the early days, SAQA translated the NQF from paper to practice, determining the meaning of “outcomes-based” and “experiential learning.” SAQA also set qualifying standards for accreditation of ABET providers. SAQA also took responsibility for designing, developing, testing, and certifying assessment tools, and it ultimately determined “bodies responsible” for administering and reporting the results of SAQA assessments. Now, consistent with its mandate and mission, SAQA manages everything necessary for NQF’s success. SAQA determines who is and is not qualified to conduct ABET classes. SAQA also guarantees its qualifying standards are measured and interpreted consistently and equitably across the nation, and it monitors ABET providers’ retention and certification rates, regularly reporting all of its findings to the Ministers.
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